I remember the days when people would stay at a job for many years or do business with people for many years. In many cases us HARD WORKING AMERICANS have helped build many businesses that become very big and successful by us staying with them for years. But as they get bigger and bigger they start to forget how they became so successful by us HARD WORKING AMERICANS. Its sad that EGO AND GREED has taken front stage for everything. Here is just one example of many that I have experienced. I have been with my accountant for 33  years he is one of the partners and they were a small firm when I started to use them and over the years they have grown to be a big firm. In the past year the partner I started with 33 years ago has passed me off to someone else too do my taxes because I'm a very small client and he is taking care of bigger clients. I get businesses need to  make money but to throw away a 33 year client who helped get you to be a big firm by staying with them. I wonder how many other client's have stayed with them and they have done that to them. This is just one example of what I have experienced from the businesses that I use and there are many more like this and I have had many conversations with people over the years and they have experienced the same type of situations.