I bet you are wondering what I have the "SOLUTION TO". Well when it comes to "OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM I DO". The First thing we need to do is "REMOVE ALL THE LAW MAKERS".  The Second thing we need to do is "REMOVE ALL THE LOBBYISTS ". The Third thing we need do is to "REMOVE ALL THE CEOS OF THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES". The Fourth thing we need to do is "GET US HARD WORKING AMERICANS TO MAKE THE LAWS" that Make Sense. Now that we have a plan, we need to put it into place. We need to "JOIN FORCES" Lets start to Find the Best "ATTORNEYS" In the Country and get this "DONE".  

Soon we will have to "SIGN UP FOR OUR HEALTH INSURANCE". Help Get The Message Out And Share This Post.  

"LETS TAKE BACK AMERICA TOGETHER" and Bring The Real Criminals To Justice And Give Them What They Deserve.